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October 6, 2016
RMS 4-H students participated in the 
4-H National Youth Science Day 
Drone Discovery!
Students learned about flight dynamics, innovations in flight, and explored solutions to real-world problems using drones.
A special thanks to our 
Martin County 4-H Coordinator, Susan Tyre,
for your support.

Summer 2016
RMS Teachers Participate in STEM PD at BRITE

Mission Accomplished!
Middle School STEM Summer Camp Held at RMS

NC Science Festival 2016

Math Counts Winning Team!
First Place

Daisy Edmondson
Sandra Garcia
Bailey Adams
Michael A Davis
Esther Lee
Khusboo Patel
Daniel Lee
Connor Bone
Abby Cargile

The Last Friday of Each Month is College/University Day at RMS!
As a part of our growth in developing a STEM identity. RMS is supporting a college, career and citizenry culture. The last Friday of each month, students and staff will display our collegiate pride by wearing the shirts of colleges and universities. Check out some of our collegiate supporters…
NCSU Wolfpack
College Day Students Show Their Wolfpack Pride
Students show their wolf pack pride!
College Day Principal Byrd and Student
Principal Byrd supports NCSU, while 8th grader Angela Manning supports a  HBCU, Fayetteville State.

RMS Teacher Supports ECU
EC Teacher, Cindy Hill shows her love for the purple and gold, ECU.
Pirate Fever at RMS
ECU Pirate Fever is an epidemic at RMS!
College Day Georgia Bulldogs
Who let the dogs out !? The Georgia Bulldogs are at RMS.

Click on the image below to learn how the latest in mobile technology plays a role in education.

Latest on Mobile Technology

Science Education Against Drug Abuse Partnership
SEADAP  teaches students in grades 6-12 about how commonly abused drugs (e.g. caffeine, sugar, alcohol, nicotine) work in the brain to produce addiction. SEADAP is founded on the extensively published research at Temple University demonstrating that aquatic flatworms called planarians demonstrate addictive-like behaviors to substances such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and sugar contained in products (e.g. energy drinks such as Red Bull, coffee, frappuccinos, cigarettes, beer, liquor) that children and adolescents can encounter in their everyday lives. The novelty of SEADAP is that it is the first educational program that uses living animals to teach middle and high school students about the science of drug addiction and hazards of using addictive substances, making it entirely different from past programs such as DARE and Life Skills. The principal investigator of the project, Dr. Scott Rawls, has published 25 peer-reviewed articles demonstrating the scientific relevance of planarians to drugs of abuse, and 11 of those articles were co-authored by local high school students who conducted the research and participated in the publishing process. Dr. Rawls is a native of Bethel, N.C.  ECU professor, Dr. Rhea Miles is also a principal investigator. Planarians have a simple brain and produce chemicals that contribute to addiction in human patients and are ideal for broad-scale learning in a 6-12 environment because they are cheap, easy to use, and amenable to employing hands-on, inquiry-based lesson plans that enable students to quantify actual human-like behavioral responses to drugs of abuse, including dependence, withdrawal, anxiety, tolerance, drug-seeking, relapse, and changes in activity. Our lessons allow students to simulate roles of medical researchers by creating and testing their own hypotheses to study the science that underlies drug addiction. We hope to let students reach their own conclusions through inquiry, experimentation and guided discussions and to spark their interest in biomedical research as a career, expand their understanding of how science is applied in the real world, and educate them about medical, economic and criminal costs of drug abuse. 

Martin County schools students have been a part of the SEADAP initiative for two years. This collaboration has led to RMS students appearing on the ECU website, presentation of research at the 4-H Presentation Day and North Carolina Science and Engineering Fair research projects.

The next step is for students to share with their local community the effects of drug addiction.

RMS Celebrates Cultural Diversity
Asian American Pacific Islander
Heritage Month
May 2016

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4-H County Achievement Night
February 18, 2016

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