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Riverside Middle School
2920 US Highway 17 South
Williamston, NC 27892
Ron Byrd, Principal
Donsenia Teel, Assistant Principal
Tonya Little, Martin County Schools STEM Coordinator

MASCOT: Knights
COLORS: Navy Blue and Silver

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The mission of Riverside Middle School's faculty and staff is to enhance the educational process for students, parents, teachers, and all community stakeholders.


Riverside Middle School Knights are strong, courageous, brave, honorable and respectful in our words and actions.

Riverside Middle School offers the student many academic opportunities not only within the school day, but also on competitive teams.  Math Counts and Battle of the Books are two of such teams.  Students can also excel in other areas such as art, music, sports and STEM.  Come and watch as the Knights compete in football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, softball, and baseball. 

Principal Ron L. Byrd and Asst. Principal Donsenia Teel

Family and Community Survey

Dear Parents and Community Members,


     As communicated in a previous letter, our school has been designated as low-performing by the NC General Assembly.  As such, we must submit a plan to the State Board of Education that is based on one of four different models.  As part of selecting this plan, our school would like your input as to which plan you would favor as an important stakeholder in our school’s community.  Please carefully read the following information about each model and then answer the three (3) questions that follow. 

     If you have any questions about the different models, please contact the school so we can provide assistance.  It is very important that we have a high response rate to this survey as it does impact how we will proceed.  Thank you so much!!




Ron Byrd

Principal, Riverside Middle School


Model 1.  Transformation

Under this model, the school district and school will develop a plan to raise achievement by implementing the following strategies:

1.  Increase teacher and principal effectiveness through:

                -Rigorous evaluation of performance;

                -The removal and/or replacement of ineffective teachers or principals;

                -Job-embedded professional development; and,

                -The implementation of strategies to recruit and retain staff.

2.  Utilize research-based instructional strategies and continually utilize data to make instructional improvements.

3.  Investigate ways to increase time for learning and to improve family and community engagement.

4.  The district will provide flexibility and technical assistance to the school to fully implement the plan.


Model 2.  Turnaround

School electing to use the Turnaround Model should implement the following strategies:

1.  Replace the principal;

2.  Replace at least 50 percent of the staff;

3.  Implement recruitment and retention strategies to keep high-quality teachers;

4.  Conduct job-embedded professional development to grow teachers and improve instruction;

5.  Adopt a new governance structure;

6.  Implement a vertically-aligned instructional program that extends through and beyond all grade levels;

7.  Use data strategically to make instructional decisions;

8.  Increase learning time; and,

9.  Provide community services and supports.

This model is very similar to Transformation with the exception of strategies one and two, which are mandatory actions under the Turnaround model.



 Model 3.  Restart Model

Under this model, the school would be “restarted” under the same operational exemptions as a charter school.   The school district can elect to employ an educational management organization to operate the school even though it would remain under the control of the local board of education.  Many details regarding the operation of the school would have to be worked out between the local board of education and the educational management organization.  Some of these might include the structure of the school day or school year, removal or replacement of staff, and which instructional programs will be utilized just to name a few. 

An important question to consider with this model is whether the exemptions afforded by operating as a charter school are more likely to increase student achievement than actions taken with Transformation, Turnaround, or Closure.


Model 4.  School Closure

Under this model, the board of education would elect to close the school.  All appropriate closure procedures such as opportunities for public hearings would be followed.  Students that attend the school would be enrolled in higher performing schools in the district, provided there was space.  The board of education could also then reopen the school similar to the Restart model.

Family and Community Survey

Upcoming Events

RMS Daily Announcements
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Monday MAR 13

Full Length Mannequin Challenge and Andy's Coming!

Mannequin Challenge & Andy's Coming.mp4

Parents can check out the Standard Course of Study and Common Core standards at this website.  See what your child is studying at Riverside Middle School by clicking on the link below:

College & Career Choices- 8th Grade PBL Science Symposium, UNC Morehead Planetarium, Chapel Hill, NC
Fly-In With Air Force African American Pilots, RDU Airport UPS Hanger, RTP, NC
Field Trip, Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville, NC

BRITE, North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC

RMS Earth Day Event

Congratulations to RMS 8th graders Azion Hyman, Ashaunti Hyman, and Jennifer Navarette fotheir advancement to the North Carolina State Science and EngineeringFair (NCSEF). The students achieved 2nd Place in the Junior Biological Sciences division at the Northeast Regional Science and Engineering Fair held on February 20, 2016 on the campus of East Carolina University. Their project, "The Drug Effects of Sucrose and Caffeine on the Motility of Flatworms", advanced to compete at the NCSEF on Saturday,  April 2, 2016, on the campus of Meredith College  in Raleigh, NC. The project was a result of the students' work in the Science Education Against Drug Abuse Partnership (SEADAP) a research partnership with Martin County Schools, East Carolina University (Greenville, NC) and Temple University (Philadelphia, Pa.).

Learn more about SEADAP in the STEM Announcements section in the Announcements tab.


RMS River Guardians Participate in Environmental Symposium

8th Grade PBL

Students from Riverside Middle School made blankets for the staff and members of Williamston Fire Rescue EMS to give to victims and patients during emergencies to provide a form of comfort in their time of need. We would like to thank the students and staff of Riverside Middle School for their hard work and donation, not only to the department but to the community.

6th Grade PBL
The Egypt Experience
Death masks and chalk drawings of Egyptian deities created in 6th grade art classes.

The Institute for Ancient Egypt is planning to take its world-famous exhibit of ancient Egyptian artifacts on tour in the United States. Rather than visiting museums, the Institute is planning to go to schools across the United States. They have selected your school as their first stop and have requested that your class help develop a plan to be used as a model to present their exhibit in an exciting and educational way.

This project provides students with the opportunity to master historical content, to learn how to conduct research, and to build upon their language and critical thinking skills as they assist the "Institute" in planning, organizing, advertising, and presenting its exhibit. Students become "authorities" on ancient Egyptian history and culture as the engage in the activities throughout the project.

6th graders read the Newbery Honor Book, "The Egypt Game"

Our School Has Started a Chain Reaction of Compassion

A Special "Thank You" and "Kudos!" to the RMS PTA for managing and facilitating concessions for RMS Athletics, sponsorship of school dances and support for PBIS and PBL events.  "Working Together, We Make a Difference!"

Join PTA
Family membership $5.00

PTA Board Members for 2016 - 2017
President - Gary Manning
Vice President - Jody Bickerstaff
Treasurer - Lucy Taylor
Secretary - Hope Eure

RMS yearbook WINTER sale going on now:
Get your full color yearbook for $37.45


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Load YOUR pictures to our yearbook website, and YOURS may be used for the 2017 yearbook!!
We would love to see you and your friends IN and OUT of school.

Click on the image below to connect to the NC STEM Center and learn more about the NC STEM Center and STEM engagement.

The Martin County School System does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, sex, age, disability, or national origin in admission to, access to, and treatment in its programs and activities.

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